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Canada – Ontario


Wingham is a small town southwest of Hanover. The present Wingham Bible Chapel, ON has its roots in an old ‘exclusive’ meeting about 12 miles out in the country, which died for lack of gift and numbers.

In 1937, John Martin pitched a tent in Wingham and had some Gospel meetings. Through various efforts, several people were saved and a few from the former meeting started to meet in the home of Gordon and Margaret McInnes. In 1950, the Wingham Gospel Hall, ON was built. The work carried on there for some time. In about 1972, Len and Madeline Fex moved to Wingham and through their ministry a number of people were saved. The assembly grew considerably and a new building, the Wingham Bible Chapel, ON was put up on Boland Street in 1975.


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Wingham , Ontario,


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Wingham , Ontario,

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Wingham , Ontario

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Wingham , Ontario




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Robert L. Peterson

Dan H. Smith, Ed.D. President, Emmaus Bible College


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