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This project serves as a central repository for all "Plymouth" Brethren related resources. Using content richly provided by the community, it will be laden with choice history, individual assembly heritages, recent happenings and mission endeavors (old and new).

The ultimate goal is to create a well organized index of information that can be viewed and edited by all. That entails obtaining factually accurate history and current trajectory of the "Plymouth" Brethren; their customs, doctrines and practices. You are encouraged to add content and edit as you see fit.


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Contributing to BrethrenPedia for the first time:

  • You can start by adding an article for your local assembly - here. Don't worry if you don't have all the wiki stuff down pat yet, as another more experienced member can come along and fix the article up for you.

How do I get started? »

Contact Doug Engle thru Facebook, or alternately call 620-200-2045 or email dougengle76 at gmail dot com. He serves presently as the general editor while we transition towards restoring capability for a global network of editors like yourselves. Appreciate your patience and feedback! Remember, if the hyperlink is BLUE, information can be found by clicking on it... if it's RED, it's forthcoming (and/or info is needed from you!) for HIS glory.  :-)

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